Review: Creative ZEN Vision:M (60gb)

It didnt take me very long to make this decision. Ultimately, it was a functional feature which brought me from the tipping point to entering my billing adress..

The new ZEN (60 gigabyte version) has the same compact size as its previous 30 gb version. On top of this, the new feature is something like an USB-host function which lets me connect my digital cameras directly to myZEN :-) to transfer my photos. I have always been looking for such a device. So when I compared the ZEN with the iPod video, my final decision came down to:

- USB-host feature
- better display
- not being bound to apple products/software
- supporting a comparative alternative to the iPod..

Starting chronologically, the ZEN software is very easy to install. It works just like the windows explorer and  directly lets you transfer your music files using "drag'n'drop".

What bothers me a little is the fact that connecting the ZEN to your pc is impossible without the adapter.




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