summer chillin'

Montag, 7. August 2006

i will be in Herrenberg from august 12th till 24th and again from the end of september till the middle of october.

upcoming: album/camera reviews

Donnerstag, 25. Mai 2006

There are two new things making my life a lot more interesting and thrilling: The latest Red Hot Chili Peppers Album "STADIUM ARCADIUM" and my new "Canon EOS 350 D", a digital reflex camera.

Since the album came out, I've put enough time into listening to it. Even though writing a review on it will take me some time, because it is a double album with a total of 28 songs.

A lot of my new Canon is still unexplored, but i already managed to get some experience on the main functions, as you can see on these first pictures.

After I'm done with my college tests in 2 weeks, I will post my reviews asap!

Kuwi-Quereinstieg geschafft!

Dienstag, 23. Mai 2006

Endlich ist es vollbracht! Freitag letzte Woche habe ich meine 5 Scheine (eigentlich 4 ein Halb) mit Antrag zum Quereinstieg von Lehramt nach Kulturwirtschaft beim Prüfungsamt abgegeben und bereits heute ist mein neuer, "richtiger" Studentenausweis per Post gekommen!

Diese spezielle Regelung, mitten im Semester quer einzusteigen wurde mit großer Hilfe der Fachschaft Philo eingeführt, damit wir uns noch rechtzeitig für unsere Prüfungsmodule in Wirtschaft anmelden können.

New Red Hot Chili Peppers Album: STADIUM ARCADIUM

Samstag, 6. Mai 2006

It was 09:47 a.m. when the little "beep" came up. I payed 18 Euros for 28 brand new, fresh baked songs of my favourite band - the Red Hot Chili Peppers! Their new Album was released yesterday 5/5/06 here in Germany.

Of course did I have to run home right away to take some time off for listening to the double album.
It was too exciting just to open the CD box. What a weird feeling. It has been 4 years since their last album came out.
Even though I was extremly tired, I just had to know what the songs would be like.

I inserted the first CD and pushed play..

Samstag, 15. April 2006

The night train was cheap and comfy, taking me straight from Ringsted (near Copenhagen) to Dortmund. For only 300 Danish Crowns (appr. 40 Euors) I think thats a pretty good price to travel, especially at night when you can sleep in a real bed and not just a reclinable seat..

I want to thank all my Scando-Friends for the pleasant stay at their homes! As I said, you are always welcome to visit and to stay at my apartment as well ;-)

Mittwoch, 12. April 2006

We decided to take a night bus from Gothenburg to Copenhagen, simply because it was the cheapest way and mainly so that we could sleep on the bus, and not having to pay for a youth hostel.. We both thought thats the way to go, because we are young and fresh, and we need the money!

Since Friday we are staying at Dan's place, about 30 min from Copenhagen. After so much time in the still cold Sweden, we really enjoy it here. On the first night we could even BBQ in Dan's yard, celebrating the upcoming spring with a few cold Carlsberg beers and original danish hot dogs. So much for the interluding of our grill season.. :-)

Arne will fly back to Stuttgart from Copenhagen on Saturday, while I am taking the train to Dortmund to visit my elder sister for the easter weekend.

I will return to Herrenberg on the 17th of April. The rest of our photos will be uploaded soon.


Sonntag, 9. April 2006

We caught a train in Lappland to take us on a 17 hour ride, passing tons of towns in both west and eastern sweden. We had a great time at UEs place in Arvidsjaur. During our last night up there we finally saw the northern lights! For about 30 minutes the huge spectacle caught our breath. Then we went back to sleep.

This weekend we spent in Gothenburg to meet Herman, who was living together with me in Montana at the Parkers. The extreme sight seeing in Stockholm has made us sorta tired, so we mostly just walked around town.

On Monday we will leave Sweden by train and by ferry. The next and also the last destination of our Scando-trip will be Copenhagen, where we will meet Dan. He's the fifth Scandahoovian who I got to know in Montana. We also spent a lot of time together back then, so I'm really excited to see him again. Just like with Axel and Alex, it's been 3 years now..

Crazy road trip to Bardufoss

Dienstag, 4. April 2006

The craziest trip i've ever done has just happened last saturday. It was UE's idea to visit Axel and Alex in Bardufoss, a small community way up in northern Norway. Both of them had to go there to join the Army, Alex to get his pilot's licence, Axel just for 9 months, hoping to soon moving back down south..

Here's a picture of us all (click me).

Our schedule was pretty tight and basically just consisting of driving on snowy roads through the middle of nowhere, ending up at THE end of the world (no lie!). UE's and his funny friend Emil shared the driving which meant Arne and I could crash in the back of the car. :-)
So after joining a party at Emil's house, we took off at 2 am and reached Bardufoss 9 hours later. There we met up with the 2 Norwegians, had lunch and coffee, talked for a bit and had to go back to Sweden after 5 hours.

It was a pleasure for me to see those two guys again, since it has been 3 years the last time we saw each other..

On the way back we stopped at the famous Ice Hotel - pretty impressive.

This was the furthest north i've ever been in Europe.

Going north: Arvidsjaur

Freitag, 31. März 2006

After checking out Swedens biggest city, Stockholm, we hopped onto a flight to the northern polar circle. Arvidsjaur, where we met my friend UE, has about 4000 inhabitants and gives us a total feeling of being at the end of the world. Last night we went to the only "real" bar here: Stalo Krog to fortunately find an irish singer to play a few songs with his at least 30 years old guitar. He traveled around northern Europe since 1972.

The plan for tonight is to join a party with UEs friend and his fellows till about 2 am. Then he and his buddy Emil will drive us to Bardufoss, which is about 700 Km away. The norwegian roads are to be kind of "winding", so it's probably going to take us 10 hours to get there. We will meet Axel and Alex there, who we both know from Montana as well.

Safely arrived in Stockholm

Sonntag, 26. März 2006

Right now i'm sitting in our youth hostel which is fortunately located right in the middle of the town with central station only a few minutes to walk.

We kinda sorta checked out the street and tried to find some place to go. Beers tasted pretty good, and were "only" 28 chrowns a glass, which is (roughly divided by 9) around 3 Euros a beer..

So far Stockholm seemed to me as a more quiet, relaxed city, mostly according to the people..Tomorrow we will walk around to check out the city a bit and get a slight overview of it.


Samstag, 25. März 2006

Our flight to Stockholm will depart tomorrow at 4:50 pm. After checking out the city for four days, we will keep on heading up north, way up north, way up north where we will be able to see some serious northern lights! I am talking about the northern polar circle. My friend UE lives there in Arvidsjaur. We will have the chance to visit some Nationalparks such as "Muddus" or "Sarek".

I'm going to be back in Germany around the 15th of April I will have my cell phone with me in Scandinavia. Every once in a while i might get the chance to check some e-mails and upload picture of our trips to my picture site.

Dienstag, 14. März 2006

Ab sofort sind die Alben der vergangenen Jahre von mir in jeweilige Ordner gepackt worden.

Somit werden nur noch die Events des aktuellen Jahres auf der Startseite der Bilderpage einzeln und chronologisch von unten nach oben ausgelegt sein. Die Titelbilder bleiben jedoch erhalten.

Für die eher vertikale Ausrichtung der Albumbeschreibung entschuldige ich mich - durch die Vorgaben der Software sind mir in gewissem Sinne die Hände gebunden..

Ich hoffe, dass der Besuch meiner Bilderseite von Familie, Freunden und Bekannten weiterhin bestehen bleibt und Spaß macht!

<Hier gehts zur Frühjahrsputz-Seite>

Chili Peppers bringen neues Album raus!

Montag, 6. März 2006

Heute wurde auf der offiziellen Homepage der Red Hot Chili Peppers das brandneue Album announced: Stadium Arcadium.

Ab 9. Mai wird es wohl in den Läden zu kaufen sein!

upcoming: Skandinavienreise

Freitag, 10. Februar 2006

Der Flug ist schon gebucht! Für lächerliche 20 Euro pP fliegen Arne und ich am 26. März nach Stockholm. Dort bleiben wir ein paar Tage und nehmen einen "Safflebus", der uns zum nördlichen Polarwendekreis bringt, wo wir knapp ne Woche beim Ue bleiben.

Zurück gehts über Göteborg zu Herman, den ich wie Ue und Dan aus Montana kenne. Nach ein paar Tagen trippen wir mit der Fähre rüber nach Kopenhagen und bleiben noch ein paar Tage bei Dan.

Wir haben uns aber noch nicht festgelegt. Wäre natürlich super, wenn das alles so klappen würde.

Fotos gibts dann natürlich wieder reichlich.

Driving home for christmas

Dienstag, 20. Dezember 2005

Zwei Mal werde ich noch wach, dann gehts ab nach Herrenberg in die Weihnachtsferien! Endlich kriegen wir armen Studenten auch mal frei! Bis zum 1. Januar werde ich in Herrenberg verweilen, danach gehts mit den guten alten Kumpels eine Woche Boarden nach Sölden! Fotos werden natürlich auf meiner Bilderseite folgen..

Da ich hier in Passau den Bergen so nah bin, gings gleich mal am Sonntag auf den großen Arber. Zwar herrschte wildes Schneetreiben und und dichter Nebel, aber die Pisten waren frei (der Wald sowieso :-)) und der Schnee ein Hochgenuss für jeden Powderfreak!

- Bilder gibts hier -

Doch vorerst freu ich mich gewaltig auf Weihnachten! Endlich mal wieder zu Hause sein mit Familie und Freunden..

Ich hoffe man sieht sich an Heiligabend (ab 23 Uhr oder so) im Juha beim legendären Weihnachts-Schwoof!